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Professional Carpet & Flooring Installation in Havertown, PA

Havertown Carpet is a showroom full of flooring choices, staffed by a team who can explain the differences, make recommendations, and even measure and install all types of flooring. To provide the best possible experience to our customers, we’re proud to offer professional carpet and flooring installation throughout Delaware, Montgomery, and Chester Counties, as well as parts of Bucks and Berks Counties. Call us today to see if your home or business is within our service area.

Why Choose Our Carpet & Flooring Installation Service?

Our team is customer focused, so we’ll do whatever we can to make your experience a positive one. Our design and sales team will visit your property to measure and share samples that you can compare to your existing décor. When it’s time to install, Havertown Carpet can professionally install any type of flooring to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

It is possible to install wall-to-wall carpet by yourself as a DIY project; however, for most of our customers, spending a weekend on their hands and knees, doing tough physical labor to ensure that the carpet or hard flooring is installed correctly, is not their idea of the relaxing day. Our team is here to make that process quick and simple for you, thanks to our experience and specialized tools like seam rollers and carpet stretchers. We make sure the carpet is put in place correctly the first time, so you don’t discover huge ripples in the carpet, exposed seams, or warped hardwood flooring with gaps. A poor installation job can actually turn into a much more expensive repair when normal wear and tear or a little bit of water wreaks total havoc.

Havertown Carpet Co. Flooring Installers are CFI Association Certified and Trained!

The Installation Process

The process to install new flooring will vary based on the condition of the old flooring and what type of flooring you choose to replace it. For carpeting, our team will start by removing the old carpet and replacing it with a fresh underpad tightly stretched over tackless strips. Wall-to-wall carpet can shrink or expand depending on the temperature and humidity in your home, so attaching it right away is the best way to get premature rippling or unnatural pulling. When it is time to install, our team will accurately measure and cut the carpet to adapt to unusual corners or oddly shaped rooms. If the space is large enough to require more than one piece of carpet, we’ll set and attach the seams before finally stretching the carpet, permanently attaching it over the tackless strips and tucking in all of the gaps along the wall.

For laminate hardwood flooring, our team will first assess whether we can install a new floor directly over the old one and then cut all the planks down to size. Some new flooring types feature an interlocking system that ensures a quick and watertight seal as the flooring goes in. Contact us today for a free estimate on our professional installation services for any type of flooring.


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