Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Learn more about how to care for and maintain your area rug.

Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Area rugs are a relatively low-maintenance flooring option. With that said, some basic care is required to ensure that they continue to look great and function well. Learn more about our top area rug maintenance tips below.

Regular Care

Much like carpet, the key to keeping your area rug looking great is regular vacuuming. By investing in a quality vacuum and putting it to use on a regular basis, you are helping to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can harm your area rug and give it a grungy look. 

You may also elect to place entrance mats at the doors of your home and encourage your guests to remove their shoes prior to entering. 

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Area Rugs Spills and Stains | Havertown Carpet

Stains & Spills

With area rug spills, the key is to act fast! The longer you wait to address an area rug spill, the more likely it is to cause long-term damage to your rug. When a spill takes place, quickly find yourself a clean cloth and work to absorb the spill in question. When finished, begin blotting the substance with cold water using another cloth. When finished, assess the results and then consider the next steps. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer's care guide. 


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