Few things can provide your home with the sense of luxury and comfort that high-quality carpeting does. However, choosing this type of flooring can require some special considerations if your family includes kids or pets. If you're getting ready to install new carpeting in Havertown, PA, then there are a few factors to consider to choose the right carpet for your busy household.

First, if you have high-traffic areas that are near your exterior doors, then consider choosing outdoor rugs for these locations. Carpets that are designed for the outdoors can be more resilient and resistant to staining than traditional indoor options. Next, if your household includes pets, then be sure to select a carpet variety that is resistant not only to stains and spills but to odors and dirt as well. Finally, choosing carpeting in colors that aren't too light and in patterns that incorporate multiple hues can make it easier to keep your flooring looking tidy from day to day.

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