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There’s nothing quite like real waterproof flooring

There’s a lot of talk these days, in certain flooring markets, about the integrity of water-resistant flooring. However, once you experience real, 100% waterproof flooring, you will definitely be sold on this amazing material. You might be wondering what the difference is and the answer is time. When you experience a spill on flooring that is water-resistant, you have a certain amount of time to clean it up before problems start to happen. With waterproof and WPC (wood plastic composite) flooring, the spill could sit there forever and never cause water damage.

Havertown Carpet works hard to make sure our customers have exactly what they need in flooring. From the best materials and products to design advice and installation services, our associates strive for your total satisfaction from start to finish. We proudly serve the areas of Bryn Mawr, Media, West Chester, Newtown Square, and Ardmore, all from our Havertown, PA showroom. Visit us there soon so we can show you how quickly we can get started on your own specific flooring project.

If you’re shopping for waterproof flooring, chances are, you’re serious about needing results you can count on, especially in basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. And you’re sure to get it, with a WPC core. This material is constructed using wood pulp and resin, along with plastic composite materials, to create a core layer that is impervious to water. When properly installed, you won’t ever have to worry about taking on water damage, even in some of the dampest places.
Waterproof flooring in Havertown, PA from Havertown Carpet
For an extra touch of peace of mind, you might find installation throughout your entire home to be a great idea. That means if your tub overflows in the bathroom and runs into the hall, you will still have the same protection in the hallway as you did in the bathroom. The same goes for kitchens and living rooms. Sometimes, water emergencies simply don’t stay confined to one area, and that’s where this floor covering really shines through.

Since these floor coverings are most often made of luxury vinyl, you’ll get the same gorgeous looks you’ve come to expect from this line for other areas of your home too. Bold colors and patterns, or wood, stone, or tile-look replications of your favorite floors, you’ll get it all in this amazing floor covering. Be sure to ask about our professional installation services and why they’re so important for your floors.