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Unfinished Hardwood Refinishing

Get the Best Hardwood Refinishing Services in Havertown, PA

Hardwood floors are a wonderful addition to any home, providing a durable surface that fits with virtually all décor choices. Hardwood flooring can raise your home value and add a stunning finish to any room. However, without proper care, wood floors won’t last forever. Refinishing is essential to maintain the look and luster of your wood floors. When you need to refinish your floors, Havertown Carpet Co. is ready to expertly refinish your floors. Call us for service in Havertown, PA, today.

Finished Hardwood Refinishing

Problems that Arise in DIY Hardwood Refinishing

While it’s possible to refinish your floors yourself, this is not encouraged. The process of renting a buffer and properly treating your floors can be harder and more expensive than expected, and learning how to use the equipment can take time. Choosing the right finish is also a challenge for homeowners who don’t know much about hardwood, and putting down the wrong finish can permanently damage your floors if additional refinishing is needed.

Instead of struggling and second-guessing yourself, invest in the professionals at Havertown Carpet Co. Our licensed, insured, and the bonded team understands exactly what it takes to master floor refinishing. We’ll treat your hardwood with the care and attention it deserves. We’re professionals with equipment and specialize in floor finishes, guaranteeing a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Worried about being out of your home for too long? Don’t be—our experts move quickly and efficiently, which means we’ll complete your floor refinishing in next to no time.

Personalized Service

If you’re ready to take the next step forward with floor refinishing, we’re ready to show you what we have to offer. When you make an appointment, we’ll stop by to assess your floors and provide you with an honest estimate. We know that floor refinishing isn’t right in every circumstance, so we’ll be sure to let you know our professional opinion.

If you’re prepared to move forward, we’ll schedule a service date and time. On the day of your appointment, we’ll show up on time and ready to work with all of the equipment necessary. We will do our best to complete your floors as quickly as possible to limit the amount of time you have to keep your living space clear.

Schedule Floor Refinishing Services Today

Ready to get started? Contact Havertown Carpet Co. in Havertown, PA, today to schedule an appointment and see how beautifully finished floors can be!

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