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Anderson Tuftex is a company with a sustainable focus that believes shopping for your new flooring should be simple and straightforward. Their flooring collections are designed with this in mind, offering products that are timeless, complementary, and curated for your preferences. Down to the very twist of the fibers, Anderson Tuftex is dedicated to enduring and purposeful designs that fit with your lifestyle and sense of style. With residential luxury choices and commercial-grade partnership products, there’s an Anderson Tuftex carpet for everyone.


The Anderson Tuftex Classics Collection

Anderson Tuftex uses a holistic and customer-oriented philosophy to product development, and Havertown Carpet is proud to be a local retailer that support the brand’s mission to provide a simplified shopping experience in store and online. Anderson Tuftex is one of those brands that truly listens to the expectations you have and focuses on creating timeless products that make providing exceptional service easy for our team at Havertown Carpet. Rather than overwhelming you with a sea of options, this is a brand dedicated to crafting flooring that serves as a simple canvas for the rest of your life.

The Classics collection from Anderson Tuftex is designed to help you find that perfect neutral to complement any room in your home, regardless of décor or use. Simple yet high quality, the Classics collection gives you options no matter what your budget, with plush carpeting choices starting at just $4.99 per square foot. This collection is a great place to start for the essentials of your home’s design canvas, including large rooms, tranquil spaces like bedrooms, and rooms with a powerful focal point that need no distraction, like a warm hearth or statement sofa.

Anderson Tuftex Signature Collection

The Anderson Tuftex Signature collection adds abstract patterned carpets and plush shags in a way that feels fresh and modern without being overpowering. With these patterned styles, they are equally suited to be installed wall-to-wall across a room or cut into an area rug for layering over a Classic carpet or hardwood floor. The Signature collection truly brings elemental design and shapes into your home décor. Find your floor’s signature look from this exclusive Signature Collection, with prices ranging from just $3.79 per square foot to $10.49.

STAINMASTER® Pet Protect Carpeting

The STAINMASTER® Pet Protect collection is the ideal flooring solution for busy and full households that deserve sophisticated design and the softness of carpet, yet must be able to withstand an active lifestyle full of people and pets. It was created in response to customers who love the look and feel of carpet, but felt intimidated at managing carpet care and maintenance on top of a household with children and pets coming and going each day. To solve the challenge, Anderson Tuftex started a partnership with STAINMASTER to innovate a new carpet collection that’s truly set apart from the rest for its durability and style—the STAINMASTER Pet Protect collection ensures that you don’t have to worry about any accidents that may happen and can focus on enjoying daily life surrounded by loved ones.

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