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Founded in 1980 by Sy Cohen, Stanton Carpet Corporation was built with the mission to create a brand that was synonymous with style and value for the decorative market. Today the brand is recognized as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and importers of decorative, luxury carpet and custom area rugs, along with its sister carpet divisions acquired over the years. Havertown Carpet is a proud local retailer of both the original Stanton brand and its umbrella brand, Antrim.

Stanton and Antrim

Stanton Carpet is a predominantly wool product line featuring high-quality, designer-driven patterns and styles. Stanton specialty collections, including the Pacific Villa and Wiltrex collections of needlepoint Wiltons and the Atelier collection of decorative patterns in nylons, are ideal for residential and even some commercial spaces. Stanton continues to innovate carpet designs and exclusive textures that range from patterned Wiltons, wool tufted textures, flat weaves, wool blends, nylons, synthetics, and natural fiber products.

Stanton acquired Antrim Carpet, the leading importer of hand-loomed goods made from the finest materials available, in November 2007. Antrim continues to showcase the talented handcrafted work from artisans bringing the tradition of centuries-old, time-honored skill and care to every rug and carpet produced. The Divinity collection is a hand-loomed wool blend line with elegance and sophistication. The Palermo and Palermo Lineage collections feature a tip sheared, understated texture. Overall, Antrim offers over 600 broadloom items available through our team here at Havertown Carpet.

Caring for Your Carpet

Most carpet products from Stanton or their sister brand Antrim are made with either wool or a wool blend, and wool has inherent stain-resistant properties. The Royaltron Polypropylene line is also naturally stain resistant. Consult the Havertown Carpet team for recommendations regarding your specific carpet choice, but generally, we don’t recommend applying your own stain guard. If you do need to spot-clean, we typically suggest dry-cleaning products like Capture®, Host®, Dri-Mate®, and Wool Clean®.

To vacuum, a suction-only canister vacuum is the best way to prevent excess pilling and keep the carpet in the best condition. If that’s not possible, set your vacuum brush on the setting that is farthest away from the surface of the carpet. Underneath your carpet, the best kind of rug pad for most spaces to prevent slipping and premature wear is either a 40-oz. synthetic felt or high-density solid rubber pad.

Warranty Information

According to Stanton and Antrim, both brands provide a one-year limited repair or replacement warranty guaranteeing the initial purchaser and original seller that its carpets will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery to the original seller. This is a limited warranty and contains specific exclusions and limitations. Liability and exclusive remedy of Stanton and Antrim under this warranty is limited to actual repair or replacement. Stanton’s total liability shall not exceed the invoice amount to the original seller.

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