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The quality of your carpet will show over time in the way it looks and stands up to stains, traffic, and more throughout the years. At Havertown Carpet Co., we are pleased to offer carpeting from some of today’s most popular, durable, and trusted brands, including Mohawk Flooring. We can help you find the perfect carpeting for your home, then provide fast professional carpet installation so you can begin enjoying your choice without waiting.



Your carpet must stand up to a variety of factors, including everyday use, pet activity, potential spills, and more. Mohawk Flooring’s unique SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting offers everything you want in a high-quality carpeting product designed to last for decades without showing its age.

• SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting is three times easier to clean, making it simple to remove dirt, dust, hair, and pet dander from your floors. Carpeting that is easier to clean promotes a cleaner, healthier home, allowing you to enjoy beautiful flooring and amazing indoor air quality.
• SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting resists odors and stains so your floors continue looking their best, regardless of the hazards they face each day. A combination of zero percent moisture absorption and Nanoloc spill and soil resistance make cleaning up accidents and spills easy, leaving no trace behind.
• SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting features Mohawk Flooring’s unique All Pet Protection and Warranty, which covers all pets and all accidents for the lifetime of your carpeting. This guarantee ensures that your carpet will never show stains or develop odors, regardless of its age, the number of pets you own, or even the type of pets you keep in your home.


1. Mohawk Flooring is a name associated with quality, durability, beauty, and innovation in the carpeting industry. When you choose a Mohawk flooring, you know you’re getting the high-quality carpeting you want at a price you’ll love.
2. Mohawk offers several eco-friendly carpeting options, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful and environmentally-beneficial home without compromising on quality, durability, or appearance.
3. Mohawk’s innovative carpeting design and manufacturing processes create products that are beautiful and plush underfoot, while also offering reliable lifetime stain- and soil-resistance.
4. 100% of Mohawk flooring products are assembled in the United States, contributing to local jobs and economies while ensuring you receive the highest-quality carpeting product available

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