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Kane Carpet has been a leader in classic flooring patterns for more than 60 years. Founded in 1947 and one of the earliest carpet manufacturers in the United States, Kane Carpet is always on the forefront of the latest technological advances. Despite its long history and age, Kane is an American pioneer in the staple industry of home interior design. Kane Carpet, the eponymous main product line, features high-quality, designer-driven patterns and styles available in Pennsylvania through Havertown Carpet.

As part of this line, Kane Carpet produces a number of specialty collections including both wool and eurolon in single face and face-to-face cut pile broadloom and runner styles. In order to continue its standard of innovation design in uniquely decorative carpets, Kane actively develops new patterns, such as textured Wiltons, wool tufted textures, flat-weaves, wool blends, and other flooring products with patterns produced exclusively by some of the industry’s top designers.

Weave Masters Carpet

One example of the company’s ongoing innovation is Weave Masters Carpet, introduced by Kane Carpet Corporation in 2011. It dominates the patterned broadloom category with tufted decorative patterns at mid-tier pricing, making it extremely accessible and affordable to more customers than ever before. Where its original lines were very high-end at an expensive price point, Havertown Carpet is proud to also offer Kane’s unsurpassed style partnered with sensible price points. As a nylon carpeting option, Weavemasters Carpet line continues to be in high demand in our area and nationwide.

Patterned carpet is perfect for today’s busy environments, as it hides spots, stains, and foot traffic. Constructed with premium nylon and soil protection, patterned carpets from Weave Masters Carpets are created to perform providing long-lasting beauty. All Weave Masters carpets come with a five-year wear warranty. For more details on the warranty, contact our team at Havertown Carpet today.

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 Low Maintenance Care and Cleaning

Some of the best features of Kane’s wool rugs are its easy care features. Both natural and synthetic fibers are easy to care for, but when customers feel unsure of how to clean them, especially wool, the benefits are clear:

Stain-resistant: The microscopic fibers on the outermost layer of wool trap dirt particles before they become buried deep within the carpet. When vacuumed properly and regularly (without a brush), the dirt particles are suctioned up easily.

Water-repellent: Wool and synthetic fibers are naturally water-repellent. The surface of wool has a very thin layer of waxy, lipid coating that is chemically bonded to the surface to normally keep a sheep dry and warm.

Easy to clean: Compared to some other materials used in floor covering, wool is very easy to clean. Regular vacuuming, addressing spills and heavy soiling as soon as possible with spot cleaning, and professional dry-cleaning every one to two years will keep your wool carpets looking beautiful for a very long time.

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