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Laminate flooring solutions in Havertown, PA

Our local customers who are conscious of the environment but still love the look and easy care of a smooth flooring surface increasingly turn to laminate as a beautiful and sustainable option. Havertown Carpet carries a huge selection of laminate flooring from Mohawk, a national leader in both carpet and laminate brands and the world’s largest flooring company. Mohawk invests heavily in environmentally responsible practices, from developing renewably sourced products to keeping our facilities and delivery systems streamlined and efficient. In fact, it’s part of the company’s mission to create innovative products that make life better and bring you the best floor possible.

Uniclic® locking system from Mohawk

The Uniclic® Locking System from Mohawk is a faster way to get foolproof joints and seams when installing any laminate or luxury vinyl flooring. Unlike other traditional glue-down installations, Uniclic® has a unique tongue-and-groove locking system that doesn’t rely on adhesive. This means there’s no chance of glue being worn down by moisture, and the locking system reduces installation time, increases durability, minimizes mess, and simplifies cleanup. When you purchase a Mohawk Uniclic flooring option from Havertown Carpet, you know you’ll be able to enjoy your new flooring sooner, and for a longer life than other non-locking choices.
Modern laminate flooring in Media, PA from Havertown Carpet Co.
Thanks to the proprietary Uniclic® technology, our installation team can cover a room or your whole house faster. There’s no risk of unstable or uneven flooring, and the waterproof core materials combined with secure, tight locks protect against spills or other moisture buildup. Mohawk allows you to more quickly start enjoying a new floor that looks like hardwood, because there’s no waiting or drying time before you can walk through the house. With the Uniclic® locking system, Mohawk also provides complete customer satisfaction with a lifetime locking system warranty.

Common questions about laminate flooring

Mohawk laminate floors are extremely durable for families with pets; however, it is possible for your pet to scratch them with long or untrimmed claws. To help your floor look beautiful for many years to come, it’s important to keep your dogs’ and cats’ claws trimmed short.

If you do damage your laminate planks or tiles in an accident, all is not lost! If the damage to the plank is too severe, our team will be able to replace just the damaged plank or two without destroying the rest of the floor or creating a costly whole-room repair job. For plank replacements, we use special tools to make the process quick and efficient. If you ever need repairs on a new or existing laminate floor, you can always call our showroom for assistance or recommendations. Our sales team can help you understand how to select, care for, and repair any flooring option you might want!