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Havertown Carpet

390 Lincoln Ave
Hatboro, PA 19040

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM


Contact Havertown Carpet Today!

High-Quality Carpeting in Hatboro, PA

When you need new flooring and/or carpets in your home, you can trust the expert team at Havertown Carpet Co. for advice, reliable estimates, and a great selection of wood floors and carpets that have the potential to transform any space in your home. Contact or visit us at our Hatboro location to learn more.

Need Carpeting or Flooring?

At Havertown Carpet Co., we take pride in giving our customers in the Hatboro area access to some of the best and most cost-effective flooring solutions on the market today, from high-quality hardwood to elegant carpet and low-maintenance vinyl flooring.
Here are some of the flooring solutions we offer:

1. Hundreds of carpet options in various colors, lengths, and textures
2. Classic hardwood flooring
3. Waterproof flooring solutions
4. Vinyl and vinyl tile flooring
5. Laminate flooring solutions

Whatever your price range and vision, we can provide options that fulfill your needs. Give us a call today to learn more.

One Call Away From An In-Home Estimate

At Havertown Carpet Co., we can handle the whole process from start to finish. Learn more about our simple three-step process below!

Step 1: Give us a call and we’ll come by for an in-home consultation to discuss the type of flooring you’re dreaming of for your home. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll discuss your options and give you an estimate to turn your dream into a reality.

Step 2: We’ll carry out measurements for the materials we’ll need for your project and transport our high-quality carpeting and flooring to your home.

Step 3: Our expert team will install your new carpets or floors carefully and with the expertise that will allow them to last for as long as possible.

Call (267) 669-0442 today to get started!