Padding is an essential element for any new carpet installation. While you may be excited to pick out the surface layer of your new flooring, picking out durable, high quality padding is also an essential step of the installation process. Carpet companies near Havertown offer different types of binding and padding materials that are designed to complement their various carpet styles. To highlight the importance of choosing quality padding for your carpet installation, let's review some of the top reasons why padding is a must for your new floor.

Improved Density
One of the key purposes of carpet padding is to provide an important layer of density to the underside of your new flooring installation. By selecting padding that offers the proper amount of density, you can ensure that your final carpet installation is protected from foot traffic, furniture legs, and other forms of wear and tear. A thin pad that is not dense enough will not support your carpet, leading to possible marks and excessive wear.

Stain Absorption
Another important job of carpet padding is to soak up and absorb stains when they occur on the surface of your flooring. Whether you have spilled red wine, coffee, or another staining liquid, you can trust that your carpet pad will gently soak up and help to eliminate the stain. If you are concerned about pet urine or other types of stains that can occur during your day to day life, you may want to ask your carpet installer about padding that is specially designed for stain and odor control.

Better Comfort
Overall, you will find that your new carpet is softer and more comfortable underfoot when it is equipped with a quality padding material. Without padding, you will be stepping on the thin layer that is created between your carpet and the bare flooring underneath. To achieve a soft, fluffy, and luxurious texture from your new carpet installation, be sure to purchase a comfortable pad.

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