If you're buying new carpet for your home and want the best for your family, make sure Mohawk is at the top of your list when it comes to carpet brands. Mohawk Carpet is among the oldest and most recognizable carpet brand names in the world, and are one of the most respected carpet manufacturers in the industry. Carpet by Mohawk is typically grouped by performance level, so one of the best places to start when deciding which type of Mohawk carpet is right for you is to determine your performance needs. Visit a carpet store in Montgomery County for more help choosing the perfect Mohawk carpet.

Stain Resistant
Mohawk polyester fiber carpet is highly stain-resistant thanks to a protective Scotchgard fiber coating. Although this carpet is not very wear-resistant, it resists stains better than nylon carpet and is ideal for spaces with moderate to low traffic, such as bedrooms, offices, and family rooms. With stain-resistant polyester carpet by Mohawk, you can enjoy new-looking carpet for years to come.

Wear Resistant
If you have a busy household or do lots of entertaining, consider wear-resistant nylon fiber carpet by Mohawk. Resistant nylon stands up to crushing and matting from heavy foot traffic. Install this carpet in areas that see lots of heavy traffic, like living rooms, hallways, stairs, or playrooms. This carpet will feel as soft and plush as the day it was installed for years to come.

Stain + Wear Resistant
For the ultimate carpet that can stand up to all the stresses and wear and tear of daily life, consider Mohawk's revolutionary Triexta fiber carpet. This exclusive fiber resists stains and wear without sacrificing softness. Great for any room or activity level, this heavy-duty carpet takes whatever abuse is thrown its way and looks and feels great doing it.

Your Right Mohawk Carpet
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