Posted on Oct 31, 2017
Your home office should be a haven for productivity and professionalism, where you can get your best work done. You can create this kind of office environment with the right furniture, decorations, and flooring. When you are looking at new carpeting for your home office, you have many factors to consider, such as pile size and durability. Read on to see what kind of carpeting is best for a Havertown, PA home office.Typical offices require commercial flooring that will stand up to continuous traffic from feet, rolling office chairs, and heavy office furniture. Your home office should be outfitted with the same or similar types of carpeting. You will want a low profile—also known as a short pile—carpet that will allow easier movement for wheeled chairs and heavy equipment. Berber is a great style of carpeting that has a low profile and is very resistant to damage from foot traffic and stains. Berber and other low-profile carpets are also attractive and comfortable, so you will enjoy working in your home office.

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