When you receive new carpeting in Havertown, PA, there are a few steps to expect during the installation process. Carpet installations will include the prep work of removing the old flooring and cleaning the room. Your carpet installation will also include different adhesives and tools that your installers will use. Read on for a better look at what to expect during the carpet installation process.

The Prep Work
There is a lot of preparation that will go into your carpet installation, and you can do much of it on your own. Move out the furniture and décor in the room to be carpeted. This will make it easier to remove the old flooring. If you have carpeting, then use a utility knife to cut the carpet into manageable strips. Pull up the carpet and padding one strip at a time. Ask your carpet company for disposal suggestions. This do-it-yourself prep work will make the installation process go much quicker.

The Installation
Your carpet installers will perform several tasks to lay your carpet. They will place carpet glue around the room to hold the carpet padding, and they will nail down strips of wood with carpet tacks along the edges of the room. Both of these steps will keep the carpet secured against your floor for a comfortable feel. This process may be loud and create a lot of dust, so you may want to be out of the house when the carpet is installed. It can also be a good idea to board pets during the installation process to reduce their stress and keep them out of the way.

The Results
Your new carpet should look and feel amazing after the installation. However, there might be a persistent fresh smell or an odor from the carpet glue in the air. These smells will dissipate over time, but they will go away faster if you open some windows and allow in fresh air. If you cannot open a window, then turn on fans and the cooling or heating system to move the air.

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