Posted on Oct 27, 2015
Before you invest in new carpet installation in Delaware County, PA, you should take the time to make sure you're picking out the perfect carpet for your space. Your living room carpet, or other residential carpeting, should complement your existing home decor and should be able to withstand the foot traffic in your home. Keep reading for some great tips on picking out new carpet for your home, and then visit a carpet shop near you to get started on your carpet fitting.

Complement Your Existing Home Decor
If you're picking out residential carpeting for a small room, or one that's already decorated with bold colors or patterns, you'll want to choose a low-pile carpet in a solid, neutral color and carpet design. For living room carpet, you have fewer restrictions, as a larger room is less likely to be overwhelmed by a complex carpet design. Wall-to-wall carpet in a living room can make the room look elegant and inviting in any color or carpet design.

Choose Residential Carpeting That Can Withstand Foot Traffic
If you don't have a lot of time to spend on carpet maintenance, you'll want to choose a durable carpet. Berber carpet is perfect for stair carpeting, or rooms that get a lot of foot traffic, as it is extremely durable and stain-resistant. Trackless carpet doesn't show signs of foot traffic, while plush carpet is better for living room carpeting and low-traffic areas, as it easily shows tracks from foot traffic and vacuuming. Wool carpet is also a great option for high traffic areas, as it is thick, beautiful, and will last quite a long time with little maintenance.Decide How You Want Your

Carpet to Feel Underfoot
Most people don't wear shoes in their homes and want to walk on carpets that feel comfortable underfoot. Plush carpets feel incredibly soft and luxurious to bare feet, while wool carpets may feel a bit scratchy. Cut pile and loop pile carpet is a great choice for residential carpeting, as it feels comfortable underfoot and looks attractive.

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