If you have heard about Mohawk flooring in Havertown, PA, specifically SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting, then you might be curious about the benefits of this flooring. This unique and innovative brand of carpet has been sweeping the world as the easiest carpet to clean and the most durable against stains.

Watch the video for a short and sweeping musical featuring all kinds of liquids as they spill across beautiful white carpets. You soon see each liquid bubble into a tiny, unpenetrated drop as it rests upon the carpet. The liquid never penetrates or stains the carpet flooring. That is the magic of Forever Clean, a brand of carpet with built-in technology known as Nanolocâ„¢. This amazing technology creates a shield with the carpet fibers to permanently protect against spills and stains of all kinds. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets offer 100% lifetime protection guarantee, so call your carpet store right away to plan your carpet installation.

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