Vacuum Up Hair and Dander
If your furry friend sheds, you are likely to find fur all over your carpets and upholstered furnishings. Fortunately, routine vacuuming can eliminate most of the pet hair that comes off of your pet. During a major shedding period, it may be necessary to vacuum your carpets as frequently as once every day. By staying on top of your carpet's vacuuming requirements, you can keep your pet's hair under control.

Remove Stains Right Away
Urine stains on the carpet are a common issue for many pet owners. One of the main problems with urine stains is that they can leave odors that linger long after the mess has been cleaned up. If your pet can still smell a place that it has marked, it may be likely to have another accident. To eliminate urine odors and stains, take the time to clean them up as soon as they occur.

Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning
To keep your carpets in pristine condition, you may want to schedule professional carpet cleaning services every few months. An experienced carpet cleaner will have the tools that are required to remove hair, mud, odors, and other issues that have been caused by your pets. When you invest in regular cleanings for your carpets, you can keep your carpets smelling and looking clean, even when you live with pets in the house.

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