Berber carpeting is a popular style for residential and commercial flooring applications near Havertown, PA. It is a budget-friendly, stain-resistant style of carpeting that can come in several different colors, including multicolored options. Berber carpeting has come to represent two types of carpet: Carpet with flecks of color and carpet with looped fibers. No matter the true style, though, it cannot be denied that Berber is a great style of carpeting. Learn the basics of Berber by reading below.

Berber Flecks
The original Berber term was used for carpeting that had flecks of color within the fibers. The colors were usually brown or gray in white or off-white colors. Now, Berber carpeting may have many colors within one roll. This multicolored style of carpet makes Berber carpet attractive for residential and commercial applications because it can hide stains and soiled areas. Homeowners with young children may prefer Berber carpet because it can better hide accidental spills. Professionals may prefer Berber in a retail store or office building because it can mask daily wear and tear.

Berber Loops
Though Berber originally referred to carpeting with colored flecks, it now often refers to carpeting with looped fibers. The flecks were often used in carpets with looped fibers, so Berber eventually referred to looped carpeting. Now, a carpet company may offer Berber carpeting in solid colors as well as multicolored. The looped carpet helps make Berber carpets more durable than other styles of carpet, and that is why they are so popular in homes and commercial buildings.

Berber Strengths
All Berber carpets are not created equal. There is low-quality Berber that will not be as strong as higher-quality cut-pile carpets. However, Berber is believed to be stronger than most carpet styles. The looped quality of the fibers keeps the carpeting from the unraveling and fraying that can happen in other carpets. The loops also reduce the amount of spilled liquid that may stain the carpet. Liquids can stay on top of the surface of the loops longer than they will on other carpets, and this can prevent stains from occurring.

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