While there are many different types of carpeting for home and business owners to choose from, one of the best options for either of them is Berber carpet. Berber carpets are a modern style of carpeting that feature loop pile construction and have a woven look to them. They are designed to be incredibly durable, but you won't need to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of your carpeting when you install them. Before you visit a carpet store near Montgomery County, PA to check out Berber carpets, take a look at some of the advantages of them below.

Berber carpet is stain resistant.
There are certain types of liquids, like oil, that can stain Berber carpet, but for the most part, it will be easy to prevent your carpet from staining. If you ever spill something on to a Berber carpet, it won't absorb into it right away, which will give you time to retrieve a cloth and blot the spill up before it stains your carpeting. With other types of carpets, liquids will begin to absorb immediately, so this is one of the biggest advantages that comes along with Berber carpet.

Berber carpet is comfortable.
There are some loop pile carpets that aren't terribly comfortable once they are installed. Loop pile typically doesn't provide much cushioning, which is why they are better for home offices or businesses than they are for living rooms or bedrooms. Berber carpet is different, though. When you buy Berber carpet made out of wool or nylon, you will love the way that it feels on your feet.

Berber carpet is affordable.
While some variations of Berber carpet, especially wool carpet, can be more expensive than others, Berber carpet is known for being a very cost-effective type of carpeting. At the same time, it won't look or feel like inexpensive carpeting. Thanks to the interesting color schemes and designs that are incorporated into Berber carpet, your carpeting will look like it cost you a whole lot more than it actually did. You will love your Berber carpet for years to come.

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