When choosing your new flooring in Havertown, you should take several factors into consideration. Look at your available budget to install flooring, as well as your household's lifestyle. Figure out how much time you can devote to flooring installation, and think about how your feet will feel stepping onto your new floors. If you cannot stop thinking about the soft carpet between your toes, then it is time to call your carpet store.

Children in the Home
Some parents may dread the track of dirty shoes across their carpet, but they should not forget the bruised knees and amplified voices that come from hard flooring. Especially if you have a walking toddler or young and rambunctious children in your home, you should consider installing carpet to keep your children better protected. Carpet provides softer landings and better places to play or read books. Carpet provides a pleasant place to make memories with your children that will last your family a lifetime. Plus, there are carpet options that can add durability to stand up to kids' rough play.

Better Insulation
It is no secret that hard floors can get cold in the wintertime. In places with mild winters and hot summers, hard floors may be desirable. However, when winter hits, and your toes touch the cold, hard ground, you will be wishing you had carpet instead. Carpet installation also allows for better insulation throughout the room or house it is located in. This added insulation against the cold can help lower energy bills and provide you with more savings.

Lower Cost
Typically, carpet tends to be much less expensive compared to hard flooring, partly due to the simple installation process. The carpet padding needs to be glued or stapled and laid down. The carpet will then be trimmed and rolled out to cover the space. After the carpet covers the space, there is little left to do except stretch it and flatten it down. With hard flooring, the installation often requires long hours that are tough on the knees and back. On top of a lengthy installation, hard flooring options, such as tile, wood, and stone, are generally costlier than carpet.

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