Are you looking for unique ideas for carpeting in Havertown, PA to complement your interior design? If so, then consider using shag carpet. Read on for some ideas that you can use to incorporate this type of carpet into your home.

Create a cozy area.
One of the most notable features when it comes to shag carpeting is how soft and plush it feels underfoot. If you have a room that you wish felt cozier and less stark, then think about installing shag carpet. This material can make a room look softer and more inviting, while also feeling amazing underfoot.

Add interest to sparse spaces.
If your home has a Nordic or minimalist look, then including shag carpeting in your flooring layout can be an excellent way to add softness and texture to your spaces without interfering with your overall design theme. Shag carpets come in a broad range of colors, so look for those in beige, white, gray, tan, and black to compliment your neutral color palette.

Break up large areas.
Does part of your home have an open layout? If so, then it's likely that you have sizable areas of a single type of flooring. Shag carpets look beautiful against hardwood floors and also add dimension and a contrast of texture. If you're looking for ways to divide up large areas of your home without adding walls, then installing shag carpeting could be the answer that you want for your home.

Replace your current carpet.
Do you already have carpet and enjoy its benefits, but dislike the appearance of what you currently have? If your carpeting is looking stained and worn, or if it's dull and fails to bring much interest to your space, then consider replacing it with shag carpet. This type of flooring feels great against bare feet and leaves a greater visual impression than most other carpet styles. If you’re ready for new carpet and want something unique, then think about installing shag carpeting.

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