It is imperative to take care of your new carpeting, because it can last for well over 10 years with proper care. There are several, easy ways to maintain new carpeting in your Havertown, PA house, and all of them can extend the carpet's life and comfort. Here are some simple ways that you can care for your new carpeting and extend its life:

  • Vacuum the carpet once a week or more to remove daily dirt buildup. Removing dirt, dust, and bacteria will protect your carpeting, and it will reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Prevent people and pets from tracking in outside dirt by placing rugs outside and inside next to entrances. These rugs will catch most dirt and dust before it is brought onto the new carpet.
  • Prohibit food and drinks from being consumed in carpeted areas. This will prevent accidental spills and crumbs from collecting on the carpeting and damaging it.
  • Use only approved cleaning solutions and carpet cleaning companies to remove stains.

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