While you might think that all carpet is alike, there are actually several carpet options available to homeowners. Choosing one depends on the traffic in your home and your personal preferences. From Saxony to Berber carpet near Havertown, PA, every homeowner will have a wide palette of colors and textures to choose from.

If you want soft and plushy carpet, then you might choose Saxony. This type of carpeting is one of the most popular for residential uses. The individual yarns of the carpet typically have a twist or soft curl at the ends. Even though it is a soft and smooth carpet, Saxony holds well against residential traffic, and it will resist staining. It is a popular choice for living rooms and children's rooms. Due to Saxony's soft texture, however, it may leave footprints and vacuum trails.

There are some carpet materials that seem to have a minuscule yet uniform pattern to them these are textured carpets that come in a two-toned appearance. The two-toned yarn is usually looped or crimped tight to keep stains and dirt from penetrating the carpet. Textured carpet is a popular and low-maintenance choice for any room in the house or for commercial spaces.

Berber carpets are one of the best for all high-traffic areas, such as stairs, living rooms, or office hallways. These carpets are made in a loop-style, which means the yarn fiber is uncut as it is woven into the carpet frame. These loops and the popular polypropylene material, make Berber carpets especially resistant to stains and traffic wear.

Among these three common carpet options are countless color choices. When deciding on your carpet material and color, look at the color in all three materials. Each may look and feel slightly different from the others. You must also consider how each color will look against your home's walls and other flooring. Ask your flooring store for samples of your preferred color and material to take home and judge it against the colors you already have.

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