Are you planning to install new residential carpeting near Havertown, PA, but you aren't sure how to pick a style? If so, then continue reading to learn about some of today's most popular trends in carpeting.


If you may be selling your home in the near future, then choosing neutrals like tan, beige, and off-white for your new carpeting is a sensible decision. However, if you're planning on staying in your home for the foreseeable future, then consider selecting a bold color for your new carpeting. Deep, rich reds are memorable but not overwhelming, and they pair well with many furniture options. Shades of blue and green along with pale yellows are also favorites right now. If you have children or pets and are concerned about stains and spills, then consider going with a neutral toned carpet that includes flecks of color to add interest while offering camouflage for any small blemishes that may develop over time.


When people think of carpeting, varieties with a level surface and smooth texture frequently come to mind. However, there are some beautiful options available today that can provide you with a change from the typical carpet look. Some of today's carpet trends are leaning toward soft fibers in layered patterns. You can find carpets with vines, leaves, flowers, and other organic patterns that are made using varying heights of the carpet fibers. Choosing a patterned carpet is a simple way to bring luxury and elegance into your home while providing your family with the benefits and function of high-quality carpeting.


Does your home feature polished concrete, luxury vinyl, hardwood, or ceramic tile? If so, then consider adding areas of lush carpeting to contrast these hard and smooth textures. Today, many interior designers use carpeting or area rugs to separate areas within a large space, add contrasting textures and colors, and to accent seating and dining areas. If you already have hard flooring but love the look and feel of carpeting, then consider layering these 2 flooring materials to add dimension to your interiors.

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