When you are getting ready for a new carpet installation in your home, you may want to take the time to research different materials. From carpet pad to pile density, there are many factors and terms that you will need to consider when you are selecting the right flooring material for your needs. A company that offers carpeting in Havertown can guide you through the process of picking out your new floor and installing it throughout your residence. Here is an overview of some essential carpet terms that you should get to know prior to your installation:

Pile Yarn
Pile yarn is the material that gives carpeting its characteristic look and feel. Depending on your desired carpet thickness and texture, you may want to seek a flooring material with a higher or lower pile density. The density of carpet pile is typically displayed as a unit of average pile density, which describes the weight of the pile yarn per cubic foot of the carpeting. For example, Berber carpeting is very dense and usually has a higher average pile density.

Along with shopping for your primary flooring material, you will also need to find an underlay product that meets your needs for density, absorption, and durability. In some instances, carpet underlay is also referred to as the carpet cushion or padding. Your flooring installers will be able to provide you with advice on what type of underlay material will provide the best level of support for your new carpeting.

As you are shopping for new carpet for your home, you may also encounter styles that offer more shear than others. The term shear is used to describe the process of cutting away the top surface layer of the pile yarn, leaving a uniform and flat surface behind. Carpet that has a highly refined and smooth texture, such as Fabrica carpeting, has often been placed through the shearing process multiple times before it reaches its final state.

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