Area rugs are still in style, and the selection today is better than ever before. Types are plentiful, colors are varied, and synthetic and natural fibers are numerous. There's a 'best rug' for every application. You can find a rug that suits your needs at Havertown Carpet. We have a showroom in Havertown and West Chester, Pennsylvania, and a mobile showroom, too.


Correctly sized area rugs bring balance to a room. Unfortunately, it's common to choose a rug that is too small for a space. Determine rug size according to furniture placement rather than room size, and you will avoid this mistake. For example, large area rugs can be placed under a bed or dining room table. Or a seating area can be created by placing a rug under a coffee table and the front legs of a couch and chair.

Synthetic fibers

Nylon is the most durable synthetic carpet fiber, and not surprisingly, it's been the most popular fiber for decades. Triexta is a newer fiber that rivals nylon in terms of durability. Both are appropriate for well-used spaces like family rooms. Soft and lustrous polyester is best for bedrooms, while water-, mold-, and mildew-resistant olefin, or polypropylene, is ideal for basements.

Natural fibers

Home rugs crafted from wool last for decades if properly maintained. This high-end fiber is more costly than synthetic fibers, so rug placement in low-traffic areas like bedrooms is typical. Naturally, flame-resistant wool rugs retain color very well. Sisal, coir, jute, seagrass, and hemp are additional natural fibers. A layered look that mingles two different fibers is trendy.

Locally-owned Havertown Carpet is the place to go for custom area rugs. You choose the colors, fiber, style, and design that is best for your home. We serve an area in southeastern Pennsylvania that includes Media, West Chester, Newtown Square, Newtown Square, Ardmore, and Bryn Mawr. Please stop by one of our showrooms, and let our design team help you create area rugs that enhance your home decor.