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Avoid These Common Carpet-Buying Mistakes

As a homeowner, chances are that you will only purchase new carpeting once or twice while you are living in your house. When the time comes to invest in new carpet, however, you will need to select ...
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Mohawk's SmartStrand Silk Reserve Takes Durability to the Max

Mohawk Flooring is determined to test the durability of their new carpeting. In this video, you will take a look at some of the durability testing that is performed on SmartStrand Silk Reserve ...
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The Pet Lover's Guide to Carpet Maintenance

As a pet owner, you may find that your four-legged friends take a toll on the quality and condition of your carpet. However, owning dogs or cats does not mean that you cannot maintain fresh and clean ...
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Why Shaw Carpet Is a Savvy Choice for Families

Carpet is a popular and classic residential flooring option that can lend comfort and elegance to your home’s interiors. However, there are other factors to consider when it comes to choosing ...
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Vacuuming Shag Carpeting and Rugs

Shag carpeting feels lush and soft underfoot, and using shag rugs in your home is an excellent way to add color and warmth to hardwood and tile floors. If you have shag rugs or carpeting in Havertown, ...
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Extending the Life of Your Beautiful New Carpet

It is imperative to take care of your new carpeting, because it can last for well over 10 years with proper care. There are several, easy ways to maintain new carpeting in your Havertown, PA house, ...
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Shopping for a New Carpet? Know These Essential Terms

Between PAR ratings and fade resistance, and twists and textures, the terminology associated with carpeting can become a bit overwhelming. If you’re shopping for new carpeting in Havertown, PA, ...
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The Many Benefits of Mohawk Carpets [INFOGRAPHIC]

As you take a look around your home, do you notice that your carpets are looking old, worn, or downright dingy? If so, it’s time to start thinking about investing in new flooring. Take a look at ...
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Exploring Today's Carpet Trends

Are you planning to install new residential carpeting near Havertown, PA, but you aren’t sure how to pick a style? If so, then continue reading to learn about some of today’s most popular ...
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Exploring Popular Trends in Residential Carpeting

Replacing your old carpet is an easy way to give your home a fresh, new look. Are you thinking about enhancing your home with new carpeting in Havertown, PA? If so, then consider the following ...
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Features of Havertown Carpet's Designer Collection

Looking for new carpeting for your Havertown home is a much easier task when you are working with a professional and reliable carpet company. You might feel slightly overwhelmed at the choices ...
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How to Choose Carpet Color for Your Bedroom

Is the flooring in your bedroom starting to look worn or outdated? New carpet installation in Havertown can rejuvenate the look of your bedroom, making it a better place to start your day and then ...
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Tips for Vacuuming Your Carpet

Routine vacuuming is an essential part of your household’s carpet maintenance. In order to keep your carpets in fantastic condition, it is important to make sure that you are vacuuming your ...
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How to Use Carpet Tiles

If you are seeking a unique and colorful flooring option for your commercial space or home, you may want to consider using carpet tiles. Unlike conventional carpeting, which comes in a single layer, ...
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Answering Common Carpet Questions

When you enter your local carpet store near Havertown, PA, you may come in with some questions about your flooring choices. Thankfully, you have chosen the experts. All of the common questions have ...
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Reasons to Choose Carpet for Your Home

When choosing your new flooring in Havertown, you should take several factors into consideration. Look at your available budget to install flooring, as well as your household’s lifestyle. Figure ...
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Choosing the Right Carpet Fiber for You

If you’re choosing new carpet in Havertown, PA, you know that there are many different carpet fibers from which to choose. Wool, nylon, and acrylic are all fibers that are commonly used in ...
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SmartStrand Zoo Challenge: The Carpet Wins!

Your Mohawk carpet in Havertown, PA is ready for just about anything you throw at it. Even stains and odors from wild animals are no match for SmartStrand Mohawk carpet. Watch this video to see the ...
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Which Mohawk Carpet is Right for You?

If you’re buying new carpet for your home and want the best for your family, make sure Mohawk is at the top of your list when it comes to carpet brands. Mohawk Carpet is among the oldest and ...
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What to Consider When You're Picking Carpet

If you’ve ever shopped for new carpet or even spent more than a few hours looking for carpet online or at a nearby flooring store in Montgomery County, you know there’s an almost ...
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Top Tips for Carpet Care

Carpet is certainly the most comfortable flooring material, but it’s not exactly the most stain- or wear-resistant. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your carpet floors ...
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The Designer Collection at Havertown Carpet

Do you want the highest quality and most luxurious carpet available on the market today? Do you want to shop for carpet without leaving the comfort of your home? If so, be sure you contact Havertown ...
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Carpet-Buying Tips for Homeowners

When you visit a carpet store to pick out new carpeting for your home, it can be intimidating. There are so many different colors and styles of carpeting to choose from, so there’s a good chance ...
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What to Expect from Havertown Carpet

At Havertown Carpet, we know that walking into a carpet store and trying to find the perfect carpeting for your home can feel like an impossible task. For that reason, we seek to make it simpler by ...
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The Advantages of Berber Carpet

While there are many different types of carpeting for home and business owners to choose from, one of the best options for either of them is Berber carpet. Berber carpets are a modern style of ...
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