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Qualities to Look for When Choosing Carpet for Stairs

Choosing new stair carpeting in Havertown, PA is an exciting endeavor, and it should include ample amounts of research and discussion with your carpet installer. Your installer will help you identify the qualities that your stair carpets require. Let’s take a quick look at the qualities your stair carpeting needs to stand up to the traffic in your home. residential stairway carpet

High Durability

Your home’s carpeting should be durable enough to withstand the traffic from your family, pets, and guests. However, the carpeting on your stairs should be even stronger, because stairs see a lot more traffic than many other areas of your home. You can choose any style that you desire—such as Saxony, Berber, or frieze—but you must ensure it is made with high durability in mind. Your carpet installer can help you determine the most durable styles that will hold up to the amount of traffic that occurs on your stairs.

Soil Resistance

In addition to a durable carpet, you want a style that will resist the soil and oils that can come from daily traffic. If you do not have a carpet that can stand up to the oils on your feet or soil from outside animals, then you will notice discolorations and dirty spots form as months of foot traffic continue. You can prevent some of these stains by wearing socks and slippers used only at home, but choosing a soil-resistant carpet will help ensure your stairs do not become discolored over time.

Correct Thickness

The correct thickness is an important choice for your stair carpeting because it can affect the safety of you and your family every time you walk up and down your stairs. For example, very thick carpet installed on stairs can create a false extension of each step and lead to slips and falls. Look for a style that provides cushioning and durability, yet still keeps your stairs safe and protected.