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How to Get Ready for New Carpet Installation

After you have done the research and made flooring decisions, it is time to prepare your home for your new carpet installation in your Havertown home. You can make this appointment go smoothly and quickly for your carpet installers by removing as much as possible from the room. You can also remove decorations and the old flooring to speed up the process. Here is a closer look at how to get ready for carpet installation. carpet installation tools sitting on pulled back carpet and padding

Remove Furniture

Before your carpet installers arrive, you want to remove as much furniture as possible from the room you are carpeting. If you remove all the furniture from the room prior to the installation, then the installers do not have to worry about moving your items. They can begin working right away and have your carpet installed as soon as possible. If you are unable to move very large pieces of furniture before the installation, then tell your installers right away, so they can be fully prepared to get your installation started right.

Remove Decorations

If you have any photos or artwork hanging on your walls, then you will want to temporarily remove these before the installation. Installing any type of flooring can result in dust and dirt being tracked in and out of the room, and it can cause a lot of noise and vibrations. These side effects of installation can damage your treasured photos and artwork. Noises and vibrations can also cause your framed decorations to fall and break or potentially injure an installer. Avoid these mishaps by removing decorations prior to your installers’ arrival.

Remove Flooring

You can also speed up your carpet installation by removing your old flooring before the installers arrive. If you have old carpeting, then tear up the carpet and leave the carpet nails in place. If the pad is still intact and in good working order, then keep it there as well. Your installers can determine the best course of action before installing the new carpet.