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Get to Know SmartStrand Silk Reserve from Mohawk

If you want top quality carpeting for your home, don’t forget about Mohawk flooring in Havertown, PA. SmartStrand Silk Reserve is a Mohawk product that takes softness to the next level. Since it has three times more fibers than standard nylon carpet would offer, you can expect your flooring to last for years and stay just as soft the whole time. There are also lifetime and 25-year warranties that protect your investment against stains and wear. Your carpeting will hold up, but you can also help it out with some maintenance. little girl reading on the carpet with her dog

Triple the Fibers

Nylon is one of the giants in terms of carpeting options, but Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk Reserve expands upon what makes this material so appealing. You’ll find three times more fibers in your SmartStrand than you will in regular nylon carpeting, and each of these is soft and resistant to stains. This offers a luxurious tactile experience that will remain durable over the years. If you match your choice with your home décor, you can tie together a luxurious design both physically and aesthetically.

Multiple Warranties

A lot of businesses make promises that they can’t follow through on, which is why it’s nice to have a warranty. Mohawk Flooring offers two warranties on their SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpet: Lifetime and 25-year warranty. The lifetime warranty covers some of the resistance qualities of your flooring, like stain, pet urine, and soil. It also covers the anti-static properties. The 25-year warranty protects your carpet from fading, abrasive wear, and defects from the manufacturer. With these kinds of warranties and a little bit of maintenance, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, soft carpet for many years.

Caring for the Carpet

Every type of carpeting could use a little care, even Mohawk flooring. Vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis, but bring in the pros for a cleaning every year or so. The warranty guide that comes with your carpet will teach you how to deal with stains, and you can use basic scissors to deal with small snags.