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Shopping for a New Carpet? Know These Essential Terms

Between PAR ratings and fade resistance, and twists and textures, the terminology associated with carpeting can become a bit overwhelming. If you’re shopping for new carpeting in Havertown, PA, you should choose a company that simplifies the process for you. A carpeting professional should clearly explain the specifics of each choice and offer guidance to help you make your selection.

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Pile is also called the “face” or “nap.” It refers to the height of the carpeting fibers. Commercial flooring tends to have a low pile, whereas residential flooring tends to have a higher pile.


Pay close attention to the density of the carpet samples you browse. Density refers to how close the fibers are to each other. High density carpets are stronger and more durable than low density carpets.


Texture pertains to the durability, look, and feel of the carpet. Texture is the result of how the fibers have been twisted, cut, or looped.


Most carpet shoppers ignore the weight of the material. After all, they don’t plan on lifting and carrying the carpet around. But in fact, weight is an important indicator of quality. Carpets with high face weight typically are higher quality. The face weight is a measurement of the amount of fibers on the carpet’s surface. The total weight of a carpet includes the face weight and other components, such as the backing.


The number of times a one-inch carpet fiber can turn is its twist. High twist counts indicate that the carpet is better able to resist the effects of frequent foot traffic.

PAR Rating

A PAR rating is an assessment of the carpet’s performance, appearance, and retention. PAR ratings are given on a one to five scale. A high PAR rating indicates that the carpet will maintain its appearance longer.

Fade Resistance

Fade resistance is another characteristic that pertains to a carpet’s ability to preserve its appearance. You may have noticed that your older carpets tend to take on a faded appearance, particularly when they are in areas exposed to intense sunlight. If a carpet has strong fade resistance, it can retain its vibrant color despite sunlight exposure.