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Answering Your Questions About Mohawk Carpeting

There are many carpeting brands, but none can compare to Mohawk Flooring near Havertown, PA. Mohawk Flooring creates high-quality products and trains local companies and installers on how to properly install these flooring choices. One of Mohawk’s carpeting products—known as SmartStrand Forever Clean—is considered one of the best carpeting materials available because of its stain resistance and long lifetime. With so many great attributes, you may be curious about Mohawk Flooring and its carpeting. Continue reading for the answers to your questions about Mohawk carpeting. carpet - options

What does an Authorized Mohawk Retailer do?

Mohawk Flooring does not sell carpeting directly to residential clients; instead, it relies on qualified companies and installers called Authorized Mohawk Retailers. These Retailers are trained by Mohawk to understand the unique qualities of Mohawk carpeting materials. With this training, Authorized Mohawk Retailers can determine which carpet is best for your home based on your lifestyle and personal preference. These Retailers are also trained in proper installation techniques and tools to ensure your carpet is installed correctly.

What makes SmartStrand Forever Clean superior?

SmartStrand Forever Clean is a type of carpet unique to Mohawk Flooring. It uses high-quality materials to create a long-lasting, stain-resistant carpet. SmartStrand Forever Clean can last for decades with minimal cleaning efforts. It will resist odors, stains, dirt, and other damaging elements that can reduce the look and life of less superior carpeting materials. The SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting line also comes with All Pet Protection and Warranty, which covers the lifetime of the carpet.

Why are Mohawk products considered high-quality?

Mohawk Flooring uses a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques to create long-lasting products like SmartStrand Forever Clean. Mohawk’s carpeting options are strong and beautiful while also being eco-friendly. They are also stain-resistant and odor-resistant, and they come with quality warranties and protection plans. Mohawk assembles all flooring and carpeting products in the United States. This dedication to the national economy ensures that all products are made with high-quality materials and techniques.