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Your Guide to Popular Carpeting Styles

Whether carpeting stairs or installing basement carpet near Havertown, PA, there are several carpeting options to choose from. From shag to modular tile, carpeting manufacturers have come a long way. Read on for a brief guide to some popular carpeting styles. popular - carpet - selections


Shag has been resurging in popularity since its introduction in the 1970s. It is made of thick and soft carpet fibers that can come in multiple colors. It is best used in bedrooms or play areas where it will not see much staining and a softer carpet feel is desired.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpeting is one of the most popular and family-friendly carpet selections. The carpet fibers are looped and cut to create a soft and flat surface. This type of carpet installation is great for families with pets, because pets’ claws will not snag on the carpet, unlike other carpeting choices.

Cut and Loop

Cut and loop carpeting is constructed similarly to cut pile, except the carpet fibers are not cut. This carpeting choice often carries unique and subtle designs, such as contrasting colors or speckled patterns. This type of carpeting style should not be used in homes with animals, because claws can easily snag on the loops.

Modular Tiles

Modular tiles are a popular choice for commercial buildings, because they are easy to install and trimmed to fit any space. This carpeting installation comes in a variety of colors and designs to create any look. Since the carpet is made of tiled pieces, it can be easy to clean or repair, should the need arise.


Large-scale and small-scale geometric carpet patterns are popular choices throughout the house. Small-scale geometric carpet is best used in smaller rooms and hallways where the pattern will not become overwhelming. Large-scale geometric carpet can be placed in large areas, such as a living room, to ensure the pattern is not disrupted.


When needing an extra layer of insulation in the winter, mohair carpeting is best used to warm a space. It can shed a lot, so be prepared for daily and weekly vacuuming sessions.