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Exploring Current Trends in Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl and linoleum flooring in Havertown, PA are popular flooring choices to fit any décor and color scheme. Vinyl can come in several colors and designs, including wood, stone, and metallic patterns. Within each of these current trends, there are various colors, grain patterns, and styles to complement the décor of a house or commercial building. Continue reading to see the current trends in vinyl and linoleum flooring. faux - wood - vinyl

Faux Wood Vinyl

When looking for wood flooring without the cost and maintenance, vinyl flooring is the best choice. Wood-like vinyl floors can come in a variety of colors, wood species, and grain patterns. They will also require little to no maintenance compared to real wooden floors. Vinyl wood floors often come in interlocking planks so they appear more like real wood. However, vinyl can be rolled across a floor in large sections, which can yield a simpler installation process. Whichever installation process is preferred, these floors will have a timeless appeal that is on point for 2017’s decorating trends.

Synthetic Stone Vinyl

Stone tiles are always a popular choice of flooring, but they are often expensive and require an extensive installation process. Instead of installing true stone flooring, look to stone-like vinyl tiles. These can come in several colors, textures, and designs to suit any interior décor. Synthetic stone vinyl floors can be installed in tile or roll form, depending on the size and overall aesthetic of the space. Vinyl tiles can also be grouted to look like true stone tiles. Vinyl stone tiles can be used in residential or commercial flooring to complement any décor or color scheme.

Metallic-Looking Vinyl

Metallic-looking vinyl floors are a new and popular flooring choice found in homes and commercial buildings. These floors are often installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces where a modern, sterile look is desired. They bring a unique element to any decorating scheme with a variety of colors and textures.