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What Is Saxony Carpet?

When it comes time to choose new carpeting for your home, you will find it very helpful to brush up on some key carpet terms and phrases. From Berber carpet to textured carpet and more, a store that sells carpeting in Havertown may have a wide assortment of different carpet styles to choose from. Saxony carpet is one of the most popular styles of carpet, and this type of flooring may be the ideal choice for a family room, bedroom, or other cozy space throughout your home.

There are a few key features that distinguish Saxony carpet from other carpet styles. You can typically identify Saxony carpet by its long fibers and soft, smooth, and silky appearance. During the manufacturing process, Saxony carpet is created by weaving long strands of carpet fibers into a tighter pattern. With its luxurious texture and soft look, Saxony carpet is an appealing choice for any household.

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