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Selecting Carpet for Your Baby's Nursery

When you are expecting a new addition to your family, you will want to make sure that your baby’s room is ready for the day that you bring your little one home from the hospital. Thanks to its cozy feel and noise dampening qualities, carpet is a top choice for nursery room floors. A carpet company that sells quality carpeting near Havertown can assist you as you pick out the right new flooring material for your baby’s room. To help you prep your home for the arrival of your newborn, here is a look at three tips that can help you select carpet for a nursery. nursery - baby

Consider Softness

While your baby may spend much of his or her time in your arms or a crib, he or she may also like to play on the nursery room floor. When you are picking out your new carpets, you will want to choose a material that is exceptionally soft. A soft carpet will be comforting to your baby, and will create an incredibly inviting surface for playtime.

Ask About VOCs

The term VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and these chemicals can be extremely harmful to a newborn child. As you are selecting carpets for your baby’s nursery, it is very important to shop for a product that has been proven to be low in VOCs. Naturally occurring materials, such as wool and cotton, are generally much lower in VOCs than synthetic or manmade fibers.

Review Durability

As a new parent, you may find that you are continually cleaning up messes and spills that occur all over the house. When you review different types of carpets for your nursery room floor, it is important to look for flooring that resists stains and is easy to clean. For added cleanliness, you may also want to select a darker carpet color, rather than a light hue that will stain easily. With all of these factors in mind, you will be ready to start shopping for nursery room carpets.