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How Allergy Sufferers Can Breathe Easy About Carpeting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Carpeting carries several advantages in terms of style and function, but many allergy sufferers have a misconception that carpeting will increase their symptoms. In reality, the myth that carpets increase allergies has been disproven, and carpeting can actually reduce symptoms by trapping allergens and keeping them out of the air. The trick for allergy sufferers is choosing the right kind of carpeting. Carpets made from synthetic fibers are a good choice, especially nylon carpeting. Wool carpet and shag carpet should be avoided if you have allergies, as should any carpet with longer strands or loose knitting. Find out more about choosing carpets if you have allergies in this infographic from Havertown Carpet Co. We provide a range of options for carpeting in Delaware County, PA and can help you select the perfect ones for your needs. Please share this information so other people living with allergies can get the facts about how carpets could benefit them.

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